Frequently Asked Questions

How do I setup a Profile Account?

Click on the register link or use your Facebook or Twitter Account to begin the Member Profile registration process.

Note that if you use your Facebook or Twitter Account certain limited information will be shared like your profile avatar.

Facebook and Twitter login credentials like passwords are NOT shared with BlueWorxs

Is My Account Free?

A BlueWorxs Member Account will always be free to use as well as Ad free.

Can I invite others to join?

Yes. That's essentially what building a community is all about.

What about Profile Account privacy?

During the Profile signup process you will have the option of making Profile information Public, Private or Hidden.

Information left public will be seen by any other member but not by site visitors or guests.

Information checked private will only be seen by those you allow and information checked hidden will not be seen by anyone but the Profile Account holder.

In addition your entire Profile Account or any Groups you create may be made Public, Private or Hidden.

What are the sizes for cover and avatar images?

We recommend that cover images for profiles and groups be 1024 pixels in width and 180 pixels in height.

We recommend avatar images be 150 pixels by 150 pixels.

If no cover or avatar image is uploaded a default cover and avatar images will be used and those can be changed at a later time.

Why Setup a Group?

Any member can setup as many Groups as they want.

Groups can have a purpose, a focus. It might be focused on local community issues, state or federal.

Groups can be about policy, candidate support or almost anything the Group creator wants.

That makes Groups a powerful tool and why we highly recommend them.

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