About Us

Who Were Are and Aren’t

BlueWorxs.com was created by a group of nerdy volunteers.

It was our intent to release BlueWorxs in February or March at the latest. However, COVID-19 and scope creep waylaid our plans. We hope the additional features added and that will be added in the near future make the site more useful as a tool for Democrats.

BlueWorxs and its creators are not affiliated with the Democratic Party, Democratic affiliated organizations, Candidate, Political Action Committees, Democratic consultants, operatives or rich donors.

We’re just a small group of grass roots staunch anti-Republican Democrats. Considering there are only two party options we go with option A, Democrats.

It’s our hope that like minded people will join the BlueWorxs site to engage, communicate and collaborate with like minded people to help elect Democrats and defeat Republicans from local to state to nationally not just in 2020 but beyond because future elections in 2021 at least thru 2024 are critical as well.


At no time will ANY user/member data or information be shared with anyone. Similar to Facebook and other social media platforms user/members can decide what profile information is public, private or hidden and whether any group(s) created are public, private or hidden.

By the same token no one in this group wants publicity or is hankering for an interview with Rachel Maddow. We value our privacy as well.


Donations are welcome. It will take money to maintain and improve the BlueWorxs site. However, it will never be a requirement to use BlueWorxs.com and we aren’t going to harrass or solicit people to donate ever. If you find the site useful and you’d like to donate please do so. This is not a for profit venture.

In any case we’ll be there to support site issues and make continued improvements as best we can. And in that vein please feel free to drop us a line on our support page with any issues or feature requests and improvements.

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